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A 8 x 8 multi-electrode-array (MEA) with parylene-C (PA-C) cages for neural network study in vitro is presented here. Each cage is to trap an individual neuron to force a close proximity of the neuron to an embedded electrode inside the cage for stimulation and recording. In addition, each neurocage has six tunnels emanating from the cage to allow axons and dendrites to grow outward and form synapses with other trapped neurons. The Electrode inside each neurocage can then be used to stimulate and/or record electrical activity from the trapped cell at any given time. 


Visual prosthesis

Blurry central vision and tunnel vision are the typical symptoms of the age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP) which are caused by the loss of rod and cone receptors in the eye. In the long run blindness becomes inevitable.

Visual prosthesis is a technology aiming to solve these problems and to regain eyesight for AMD and RP patients.

The packaging shown here is based on a two-chip master/slave architecture with two notch filters (built by 6 discrete components), and 17 discrete components.

3D Origami

3D Origami. The goal of this project is to fold 2D films into 3D structures mathematically. The structures are based on crease patterns designed by Robert J. Lang.(http://www.langorigami.com).


Implantable ECG device in Zebrafish

The goal is to develop an implantable ECG device to continuously real time study zebrafish’s heart regeneration. This is the design, fabrication, and implementation of the first implantable multi-site epicardial electrical cardiograms (ECG) recording system for zebrafish, a small vertebrate, with high spatial resolution.


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