Yu (Joy) Zhao







136-93 Caltech
Moore Laboratory
Pasadena, CA 91125

E-mail: yzhao@caltech
Phone: (626) 395-2227
(626) 584-9104

Office: Moore 47






  • B.E., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, Peking University, 2004-2008
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering Department, California Institute of Technology, 2008-2009

Research Experience

National Key Laboratory of Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology 2007.06-present Advisor: Zhihong Li and Wei Wang
Nanoparticle-based Nanostructure Fabrication Study:

1.    Evaporation-induced and Microfluidic-assisted nanoparticle monolayer patterning

2.    Nanopartical morphology modification by RIE and ICP

3.    Nanostructure as super-thin nanoporous film and nanotip array preparations by nanoparticle-based microfabrication.

  • Wide Band Gap Group, 2006.12-2007.06
    Advisor: Jinyan Wang

1.    Ti/Al/Ni/Au Ohmic contact formation to AlGaN, mechanism study and model simulation based on ISE T-CAD tools;

2.    A nanopulse generator realized by transmission line for study of AlGaN/GaN HEMT self-heating effect


Outside-lab Project


2007 Advisor: Zhihong Li and Haixia Zhang
Develop a motion detection system for game control by hardware circuit and software interface design, supported by MEMSIC Ltd(Group work)


[1] Yu Zhao, Xun Jiang, Wei Wang, and Z. Li, The 1st International Conference of CSMNT

[2] Zhen Chen, Yu Zhao, Wei Wang, Zhihong Li, oral presentation in 4th IEEE International Nano Electro Mechanical System (NEMS) Conference 2009

[3] Yu Zhao, Student Member, IEEE, Wei Wang and Zhihong Li, oral presentation in the 3PrdP IEEE International Nano Electro Mechanical System (NEMS) Conference 2008

[4] Wei Wang Yu Zhao, Student Member, IEEE, and Zhihong Li, accepted (112007-773), Science in China Series F: Information Science, ISSN: 1009-2757, CN: 11-4426/N


A movement simulation and control technology and its system, Oct, 2007

Awards & Honors

  • Second Prize of the "2010 IEEE President’s Change the World Competition" and the title of "'Distinguished Students of Humanitarian" , 2010
  • The top ten excellent graduation thesis in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department of Peking University; Jun, 2008
  • Beijing outstand graduates, Jun, 2008
  • Tri-A Student, Peking University; (2004-2005; 2005-2006; 2006-2007)
  • Dean's Scholarship for Excellence in Study; (2004-2005; 2005-2006; 2006-2007)
  • The National Contest for MEMS accelerometer Application; The First Prize; Sep, 2007
  • The 9th American Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM); The Second Prize, Mar, 2007
  • The 22th Undergraduate National physics Olympia Competition, The Third Prize, Dec, 2005