Laboratory Facilities
  The Caltech Micromachining Laboratory was formally established right after Dr. Yu-Chong Tai joined the EE faculty in 1989. Currently, the lab occupies a total area of 7,500 sq. ft. including a clean-room fab, a computer lab, MEMS measurement labs, and offices. Physically, the lab stays in two buildings -- Steele and Moore Labs on the Caltech main campus. The Steele facility (1,500 sq. ft.) was established in 1991 and the Moore facility (6,000 sq. ft.) was added on in 1996. Overall, the Caltech Micromachining Lab facilitates a full line of silicon-micromachining capabilities and supports 2-4" silicon wafers.

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The following are our sponsors who made this lab possible:

Caltech, Dr. Gordon Moore (donation of the Moore Lab), NSF (equipment grants and the PYI Award), Intel (equipment grants), HP (equipment grants), Packard and Lucile Foundation (Packard Fellowship), Powell Fund, AT&T, Coberly Associate, National Semiconductor, Xerox, ReadRite, Jet Propulsion Lab (equipment loan), Rockwell, TRW, AFOSR (equipment grant), and many others.

Equipment List and Laboratory Rules are Under Construction

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